Let BioHeme PAY YOU for your Disease State Plasma

Prospective Donors (especially those with early stage MONO)

Prospective donors (told they have high antibodies by lab or health care provider) should contact us directly for no-obligation further information about paid plasma donation.  Please e-mail or call 801-884-7712 days or evenings ASAP to assure the antibody does not decline. Call or e-mail today (with your test titer result if possible) to see if you qualify and if there is a present need. *Presently, there is shortage of early-stage MONO antibodies.*

Referring Physicians, Labs or Health Care Providers

Labs, Health Care Providers, or Physicians with direct patient contact who recognize an exceptionally high titer or unusual nature of the antibody are encouraged to suggest to the patient that some of their plasma may greatly assist the future availability of the test used to diagnose them, and they can be paid well to donate some plasma, as they give back to medical science.

Due to our desire for complete patient confidentiality, we encourage only the patient to contact us (with titer information) for more no-obligation information.  Patients should additionally indicate the referrer for compensation, as well. Referral may be compensated per CFR Safe Harbor law 64 FR 63518, Nov 19, 1999.

Health care providers generally recognize that the available diagnostic test tools we have were originally derived from allied medical personnel’s assistance in the first place, and continued test availability will also depend upon cooperative assistance from front-line allied medical professionals.

BIO-HEME has assisted most of the major manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostic tests in the research and manufacturing stages of test preparation.

Diagnostic Test Manufacturers, Researchers and Government Labs

Diagnostic Test Manufacturers, Researchers and other proficiency testing groups with FDA License or FDA Registration may request no-charge small evaluation samples, prior to purchase of bulk plasma/sera to assure they are high titer and reactive in their test systems. BIO-HEME has the largest network to procure highest titer material to save you time and money. BIO-HEME has assisted CDC and state labs in their proficiency analytical test programs to assure on-going proficiency of medical labs throughout the country.

Plasma or Serum Donor Centers

Plasma/Serum Donor Centers that discover high-titer antibody in an existing donor, or who have desire to get FDA sublicense to collect a specific disease state, are encouraged to contact us for guidance and assistance to procure and place material for the best utilization of medical science.  Disease-state donors often thereafter become regular plasma donors when they are normal and see how easy it is.

Considering donating blood/plasma?

Are you or someone you know considering donating plasma to earn some extra cash? BioHeme is actively seeking participants who carry disease state plasma and is willing to pay top dollar for your donation. After meeting the requirements, donating is very simple. Visit a clinic and have your blood drawn to help research and development for future medications and procedures.

Why should you donate blood?

Donating plasma is vital to the development of the medical industry and to the research and development of disease diagnosis. With your participation, you will benefit from financial compensation and the knowledge that you are helping other people just like you.

What are the minimum donor requirements?

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must weigh a minimum of 110 lbs
  • Must have a valid photo identification

Bio-Heme is an FDA registered facility that assists medical research and medical product manufacturing companies find raw biological materials for use in the diagnosis of diseases. Bio-Heme works with many FDA licensed blood donation centers throughout the US to collect blood and blood products.

 FDA registration number: 1722359   DUNS# 15-05509528